Community Outreach

Vecinas de Enlace

Su Casa and Family School Partners have partnered to offer the Vecinas de Enlace program which ensures that there are trained volunteers in local neighborhoods who serve as a first point of contact for our clients. They help identify needs, work with individuals to keep them connected to the community, and provide events that serve to educate our community. To connect with a Vecina (listed below), please contact Su Casa.

Mayita Rising, Promotora de Salud
Nadia Herrera, Latino Outreach Coordinator
Adriana Perez, Candlelight
Adriana Rosario, 31 South
Irma Cortez, Downtown
Karla Raucho, Driftside
Mariana Ramos, Heritage Heights
Mayra Aguilar, Candlelight
Patricia Cruz, 31 South
Rosario Gonzalez, Homestead
Sehila Moguel, Garden City and South